Tuesday, May 06, 2014

my ED posting

assalamualaikum everyone=)

alhamdulillah, hari ni terasa nak menaip.setelah sekian lama meninggalkan dunia blog nih..seiring dengan peninggalan blog 'bisnes' BBB..yuhuuuu..

terasa cepat masa berlalu...
im still a doctor..
im a wife to my beloved husband Mohd Zepri bin Besar..
im a-mother-to-be
im still a daughter to my parents...
hanya syukur yg mampu saya panjatkan stp hari...

now, im in ED(emergency department) posting, my 5th posting so far...
starting from 18 January 2014, and will end next week ie 17 May 2014...
i started ED in 18 week POA and currently im in 34 week POA..
i cant believe im finishing ED sooner..i will miss the HOD and specialist's teaching, the courses we attended, jadual kerja yg huru hara..dr Mama yg garang .haha..and top of it i did it when i was a pregnant lady...

actually, i just finish my viva yesterday with Dr Faizal, our cute specialist ever..so many questions he did asked me..as usual,ada yg susah and senang...siap dia btau,sy bg hint ni, kelip2 pandang lampu for me to get the answer of classical symptoms of SAH: photofobia...
 next to go is orthopedic..yup,sengaja sy tukarkan both posing ini..patutnye kene wat ortho dulu baru ed, tp sebab my plan is to breastfeed my baby exclusively after this make me choose otho later (byk masa terluang)..

oh,i will miss ED!!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

rose & chocolate

we went out for berbuka actually..
last Friday 31 May..
selalu jugak kluar bersama nih..isk2...main reason is makan lor..

we went to Chargill Express @ mont kiara..nice place,good food..i bought the voucher for the dinner..alhamdulillah, kenyang bangat!!
and before we went home, singgah kejap kat kedai nak minum air..
and mr.F bought me a red rose...suke2!!
and also m&m's he bought from Petronas..
xfaham nape ske beli choc mahal..(for me its mahal la kan....sbb tu jrg beli.hehe)

yeah, what can i say is mr.F is a romantic person..
hope he remain the same till the end...
pre-intra and post wedding insyaAllah...

for time being, im still the old mimi..
i cannot really express myself...

Saturday, May 11, 2013


i told mrF whenever i have to go in OT (operation thethre) either for emergency op or elective cases, i never like it because i ve to bear with the super sejuk room.  me dislike cold.

as a solution, he give me a sweater.last week. during our buaka puasa night.

the sweater is his own.

rasa mcm comel plak dia bg sweter for me and ask me to wear it in the OT.


rasa comel plak mrF nih..

Sunday, May 05, 2013



after few month of decision,and a good hint from Allah sbw i guess, am officially a mrZ's fiancee on 23.3.2013..baru perasan tarikh tu cantek.hehe

alhamdulillah, wa syukurillah...everything going smooth. my heart doesn't have that feel of weird or palpitation  as i wish to have someone who love me more than me myself..

well, a long story between me and him...ups and downs..here and there...and finally when i asked him early 2013 whether he wants to stay in his hometown and there's nothing between us OR find a job in Sban@KL early ,then we can get married..

He doesn't take much time to make decision and terus turun Sban to find a job. unluckily his first try tidak menyebelahi dirinya..then he went back to Tganu and cont his old job..his second try when he went KL alhamdulillah give us a very good hint to proceed with our relationship..

it is a very short period of time when he asked his parents for us to get married and he asked his bro in law to jadik wakil in proses of merisik and bertunang..initially his mother quite worried. ye lor anak bujang bongsu and the only anak lelaki yg nak berkahwin and he just started his life in KL!..biasa la risau seorang ibu..mampukah anaknya memberi anak dara orang mkn?ha...here it goes when i just know that my fiance is like a gangster.haha..if his bro in law buat hal in that process he wont come over their house again.garang yow!
ye lor..da dia berkobar2 nak kawen da ni..hihi..and parents dia cool je bersetuju whatever keputusan anak dia pilih...

so alhamdulillah..selepas dirisik oleh his parents and kak na's family together with his little sister and a brother, tarikh bertunang ditetapkan..and on the day of engagement, all his family members went to my house..wow!huge family yow!hihi

Monday, December 03, 2012


keje x selalunye best...
well,am encountered few MOs mcm harimau...and obviously am avoiding them...few of my colleagues know that..well,their behaviour was like harimau that i should ran so fast and so farr..

few incidents happen when im working..kene marah ngan MO,kene soal dgn specialist, and bla2...

the 1st ever scary thing ive done was i didn't present myself during briefing time in the morning..i was the one in-charge of ward 2A, and supposedly i have to present SCN (baby) admission during the briefing.but then suddenly 2 EMLSCS happen in the morning, and i didnt have time to update the SCN update (yeah,it was on-call time), and memang x sempat langsung la gi PLOG to present kan...huhu..and im soooo dead...
the specialist called me up and i ve to do an explanation letter to them..luckily,am save bcz one of the specialist knew im in the OT...and dr Shaheeran said,'adik,this is common-sense x blaja kat medical school tau'...and she is sooo kind.....

well,the specialists are better than the MOs...

yesterday i was on-call alone in the ward..and in the middle of night, one of the post-ELLSCS ptn complained of vomiting and epigastric pain..she's indian, and from her looking, MANJAlitist is the most common diagnosis i can made..ok la,da ptn mengadu,kt kene attend jugak..so,we started her with syrup MMT..and she's vomit out the drugs with the food (tlg la,dia ckp dia mkn sikit je,tp muntah nasik byk)..hurm..so,next,bg IV ranitidine and IV Maxolone..muntah jugak..sob2...
k la,call MO...naseb bek he's a male Chinese dr, so im a bit save..xtakut sgt sbb dr ni baik la jgak..

and he came in after i present the case through phone..hurm2..dia marah sbnrnye when he's looking through my report,pendek gila and mcm x access pape pun kat ptn tu.heh..padan muka hang mimi oiii...ingatkan simple je ptn ni,meme simple pun,tp sbb kerja kan,kene la buat thourughly..well, i learn sumthing that night..
the drugs given and how to write the report in the BHT..huhu...

k la,will update again later...

well,tgh kelibut jugak sbb xleh bukak fb and yahoomail..mcm hampes je dia reject my password..ades2

Sunday, October 14, 2012


yeah..am a working lady now..huhu
alhamdulillah..working in a big hospital..yet the busiest hospital in Msia...sob2..

1st posting: o&g..
hem,choose this 1st becasue i like o&g?maybe..

but then,after few weeks of working, feel like huk2..reeeeeeeaalllly tired..ive lost 5 kgs in 10 days..
well2,during tagging, ive been bullied by one of the MO..seriously i hate it..dun feel to be friend with that person ever..sob2..nak pandang muka dia pun xnak.da la emo!

and today, the specialist already recognize me..during round in the super pasar malam labour room, she noted that i didn't write the VE as a full clerking.sob2...kalo MO lain review,simple2 je..xsangka plak kene ngan specialist td..sob2..sedih!

masuk OT smpai 4 kes emergency rini, and byk kali kene tegur..sob2..sedih2!!

and the best part is, at last i assist the specialist during emergency LSCS!!mati den..gilo kjap jadiknye..tremor abes..and she recognise me walaupun i tried to hide myself dlm mask..hukz..

well,alhamdulillah, am still alive and surviving the hard work now...
would like to give hugs and kisses to my parents and family for their endless support and love..really need them everyday...and they were like,visiting me once  a week..hoho..

oh Allah, pls make me strong..pls make ppl surrounding me be nice to me..and me myself be nice to them..

Thursday, August 30, 2012


U know the feeling of ‘been taken away’?

Once my friend (A) asked me in the car when we were on our  way to our friend’s wedding  in Segamat. We were talking about our friend (B) who have been engage and will be getting married sooner or later. And mind that A and B were best friend since school time. A didn’t really like the story of B getting engage & married.haha..u know those feelings right?or u don't? ahha..

Same goes to me when A asked me, how is my feeling getting a ‘kaklong’ in the house? Yeah, my brother was getting married u know, 22nd August (his birthdate) few days ago, and suddenly i have a sister.a sister? Yes, an elder sister!(despite me being the eldest sister in the house)

I won’t care actually whether being an elder or not..but the mixed feeling of getting a new member in our family, i think i need time to adjust with that situation. ME ENVY. Really.
What do i feel?

I feel jealous when kaklong called my mother ibu and my dad is baba. And my parents also membahasakan diri masing2 as ibu and baba to kaklong. I feel really jealous when now my mother sits with kaklong despite of me. Me so childish. Aigooooooo
feel jealous when my aunty and uncle talk about kaklong.kah2.
and kaklong is a silent lady whom i just heard few words from her..
and really am appreciated her when she called me kakngah.heh~

Still i feel jealous with kaklong.haha...lawak gak la,rasa mcm budak kecik yg tetibe kehilangan arah.tetibe rasa her parents got another nice new thing and forget about her.haha..bedebush2...tumbuk la muka sendiri..

Well,am adapting my new life, my new family member..maaf atas khilafan dari saya..really, i didn’t mean to avoid u kaklong, but i feel like i need time to adjust myself with the surrounding..

time will heal us. i know we will be a very good friend one day.yeah, one day.